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Tech In The Forest Mix

Tech In The Forest Mix -25.10.2014 LiveRec-
Mixed by DJ NeO of the Dead / Designed by Orb


高原の森林に機材を持ち込み、デイキャンプしながらDJ Mixを録音。

全編Tech Houseの選曲である。

01. House Music Was Born (Original Mix) by Sebastian Manuel, Brian Cid
02. October Love (Original Mix) by Rafa Barrios
03. Cambiante (Original Club Mix) by Volkoder
04. Chunky Monkey (Original Mix) by Christian Smith, Wehbba
05. Man With Soul (Original Club Mix) by Max Linen, Prok & Fitch
06. Just Like That (Original Club Mix) by Pagano, Jason Chance
07. I Got (Original Club Mix) by Camilo Franco
08. Run Wild (Original Mix) by Marc Marzenit
09. From The Edge (Original Mix) by Dosem
10. Get It Done (Steve Ward Remix) by Christian Smith
11. Wheel Of Fortune (Original Mix) by Siwell
12. We Bout To Bring It (Original Mix) by Rob Mirage
13. Myst (Original Mix) by Brian Cid
14. Centre (Original Mix) by Dave Angel
15. Drive (Original Mix) by Ian O'Donovan
16. Message (Original Mix) by Dosem
17. Rumbo (Original Mix) by Dosem
18. In My Mind (Original Mix) by Coyu
19. Baion (Original Club Mix) by Federico Scavo
20. Tourette (Original Mix) by Terranova
21. The Reflex (Pagano Full Vocal Mix) by Pagano, Peyton, Paramour
22. Razor (Original Mix) by Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein

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