Produced by DJ NeO

TOKYO UPLIFTING feat. HARDER?! DJ Tracklist (2017.02.17.@ Flame Tokyo)


TOKYO UPLIFTING feat. HARDER?! DJ Tracklist (2017.02.17.@Flame Tokyo)



Opening~ A New Beginning (Original mix)

01. True Colours (Original mix) by Xtigma

02. The First Rebirth (Extended mix) by Lange

03. Signalpoint (Original mix) by Matt Skyer

04. Nebula (Original mix) by Orla Feeney, Kriess Guyte

05. Dance With The Devil (Original mix) Lostly

06. Galaxy Of Blue (Extended mix) by Lostly

07. Lost City (Original mix) by Sanset, Myk Bee

08. Exalted (Extended mix) by Gerome

09. Island Paradise (Original mix) by Blue5even

10. Fall Into The Tides (Original mix) by Ronski Speed, ArielleMaren

11. The Silence (Prospekt 2009 Remix) by Mike Koglin


DJ Tei Okubo

01. Vertigo by Roberto Capuano

02. That’s it (D-Unity Remix) by DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi

03. Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision) by Mojado

04. Ananda (Alternative Control Remix) by Deedrah

05. Sense by Greg Downey

06. Soulseeker (Stoneface&Terminal mix) by Ronski Speed, Stoneface & Terminal

07. Till Dawn by Will Atkinson

08. Fade To Black by John Askew

09. Coming On Strong feat.Scott Mac (Psymes&BlueHawk) by Signum, Scott Mac

10. Strip Search by Simon Patterson

11. Numb the Pain by Will Atkinson

12. Once Again by Greg Downey

13. Infatuation by Solarstone, Basil O’Glue

14. Heavens Earth (Matt Darey Remix) by Delerium

15. Majestic (Arizona vs Passiva) by Menno De Jong, Sayla


DJ Hecto-Pascal

01. Check It Out by Ferry Corsten

02. Convection by Hecto Pascal and Ken Plus Ichiro

03. Ibuki by Nhato

04. Live Forever (Gareth Emery Remix) by Ferry Corsten ft. Aruna

05. No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix [Above & Beyond Respray]) by Above & Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston

06. Fiji by Kryder

07. Masego by Pessto

08. #TheValue! by Denis Kenzo, Cari

09. Time To Go Back by Jochen Miller

10. Queen by Ayda

11. Just Be (Antillas Club Mix) by Tiesto

12. Maverick by HP Source

13. Voema by Ferry Corsten

14. Dopamina by DIM3NSION

15. Reflection by Ronski Speed, Syntrobic ft. Elisabeth Egan

16. Always the Sun (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix) by Richard Durand ft. Simon

17. Show The World by James Dymond

18. Beautiful (Seven Lions Remix) by Ferry Corsten



01. Phunk (Stimulator Extended Mix) by Heaven's Cry

02. Acid Waves (Original Mix) by Ananda Shake, Faders

03. Kinetic Energy (Original Mix) by Ananda Shake

04. Eclipse (Original Mix) by Tropical Bleyage

05. Magic Mushrooms (Original Mix) by Ananda Shake

06. Mala (Original Mix) by Tropical Bleyage

07. Godd (David Forbes Rework) by Marco V

08. Hi-Q Mode (Original Mix) by Goncalo M

09. Magic Light (Original Mix) by Philippe El Sisi, Ana Criado, Standerwick

10. Until We Meet Again (Ben Nicky Extended Remix) by Gareth Emery, Ben Gold

11. Home feat. Discovery (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker GC23 Extended Remix) by Coast 2 Coast, Discovery

12. Galaxy Of Blue (Extended Mix) by Lostly

13. Secret of the Sahara (Original Mix) by PureNRG

14. Charaka (Original Mix) by Audiofire

15. 4Ever feat. Natalie Gioia (Original Mix) by Alex M.O.R.P.H.


DJ Ken Plus Ichiro

01. Kiss & Jump (Ken Plus Ichiro Remix) by 9eek

02. Perfect World (Extended Mix) by Sean Tyas feat. Victoriya

03. Kia Ora (Original Mix) by Ken Plus Ichiro

04. Ultraviolet (Extended Mix) by Tempo Giusto

05. The Kraken (Original Mix) by James Kiedis

06. Anywhere (Exis Remix) by Ben Nickey feat. Chloe

07. The Only Place (UCast Remix) by Sneijder

08. Lagoon (Extended Mix) by Lucas Deyong

09. Heaven's Beach (Original Mix) by Ken Plus Ichiro

10. Hidamari (Ken Plus Ichiro Remix) by Demention x Ryoji Takahashi

11. Many More Have Gone by Maximal

12. Tokyo Uplifting Theme (Original Mix) by KEN-GEE & Ken Plus Ichiro

13. All Gone (RAM Uplifting Remix) by Andy Moor & RAM

14. RAMexico (Extended Mix) by RAM

15. Paradise (Original Mix) by RAM & James Dymond

16. Is it Love? (James Dymond Remix) by Aly & Fila feat. Ever Burn

17. Out Of The Blue (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix) by System F



01. Fluid (Extended Mix) by Solis & Sean Truby

02. Schoneberg (PureNRG Remix) by Marmion

03. Voodoo (Extended Mix) by Stuart Ferguson

04. Spike (Original Mix) by Simon Patterson

05. Mechanizer (Extended Mix) by Heatbeat

06. Linking People (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) by Giuseppe Ottaviani

07. C-Sharp (Allen & Envy Remix) by The Quest

08. Tears Of The Sun (Extended Uplifting Mix) by Alan Morris & Marco Cera

09. Bridge Of Happiness by KEN-GEE and Ken Plus Ichiro

10. Break Without The Pain (Original Mix) by Allen Watts & Katty Heath

11. Restless Hearts (Ben Nicky Extended Remix) by Mark Sixma And Emma Hewitt

12. Devil Tricks (ReOrder Remix) by Curtis Young

13. Prophecy [Istoria 2017 Anthem] (Extended Mix) by PureNRG

14. Into (Extended Mix) by Super8 and Tab

15. The Story So Far (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) by Gareth Emery

16. Tokyo Uplifting Theme (Original Mix) by KEN-GEE feat G.Y.R.O and Ken Plus Ichiro



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