Produced by DJ NeO

【DJ MIX】-Dying Light- Psychedelic Trance Mix


-Dying Light- Psychedelic Trance Mix

Mixed by NEODEAD,  Artwork by Orb

01. Mai Mai (Invisible Reality Remix) by Jaia
02. The Golden Horn (Original Mix) by Atma
03. Irrigated Soul (Original Mix) by Rexalted
04. Maya (Original Mix) by Kalki
05. Morphogenesis (Original Mix) by Arhetip
06. HoHo (Original Mix) by Mars Attack
07. Evoke the World (Original Mix) by Genetrick, Out of Range
08. The Only Process (Metronome Remix) by Atmos
09. Ancient Code (Original Mix) by Mindwave
10. Sub7 (DaVinci Code Remix) by Major7, Sub6
11. Pure Light (Original Mix) by Zyce, Suduaya
12. Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) by Hilight Tribe
13. Expender (Original Mix) by Vini Vici
14. Influenced to Vibrate (Original Mix) by Gaudium
15. What Goes Up Must Come Down (Original Mix) by Metronome
16. So Real (Original Mix) by Metronome
17. 10000 Smiles Away (Metronome Remix) by Flowjob