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【DJ配信】Melodic Memories 012 Tracklist【2018.08.24】


Melodic Memories 012 Tracklist

01. Alcazar (Original Mix) by Gui Boratto

02. After Midnight (Original Mix) by Ziger

03. Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) by Eli & Fur

04. Circle (AFFKT Remix) by Mattia Pompeo

05. Pressure (Original Mix) by Sarcasmo

06. Celestials (Matan Caspi Remix) by Sam Heyman

07. Equacion De Drake (Original Mix) by Rehmark

08. Mindrush (Original Mix) by Paride Saraceni

09. Belize (Original Mix) by Vamos Art

10. Radian feat. Liset Alea (Cercle Version) by Rodriguez Jr.

11. Picture (Petar Dundov Variation) by Masaya (CH)

12. Myst (Original Mix) by Brian Cid

13. Lullaby (Original Mix) by Gai Barone

14. Love Stimulation (Original Mix) by Gai Barone

15. Piece of You (Gai Barone Extended Remix) by Ferry Corsten

16. Coastal Glow (Original Mix) by Gregory Esayan

17. Timeless (Original Mix) by Veela, Rameses B

18. Gone With The Wind (Original Mix) by Muffler

19. 天真爛漫 DAYS by CTS



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